Authorities are planning to close churches in Pakistan - Punjab

Authorities are planning to close churches in Pakistan’s other provinces, like they did in Punjab province. A week ago holy churches were shut in Abbottabad. These holy churches were built up in the rental houses and shut because of alarming situation in the country, however the real reason behind the closing of churches in Pakistan is still unknown.

Experts Paling to close more unregistered churches in Punjab. After the closure of places of worship in Abbottabad, an overview was led to close unregistered holy Churches in Pakistan. Thereafter the administration authorities examined this issue with the Christian pioneers who demonstrated their positive state of mind in such manner and agreed with the government’s choice to close churches in Pakistan for security reasons.

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Later the Federal Government has likewise chosen to close certain places of worship which are unregistered or built up in rental houses as ‘house church’ in Pakistan. Concurring the sources, the procedure for shutting holy churches throughout Pakistan is yet under discussion.

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The unregistered churches will be given sure time for registration, later the way toward shutting holy churches will start. The foundation of exceptional specialist for dealing with churches enrollment matter is being talked about.


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