Conjuring 2 Movie Not to Release in Pakistan?

Conjuring 2 Movie Not to Release in Pakistan -
Poster of Conjuring 2, the latest horror movie.

There are Rumors that the latest horror flick Conjuring 2 will not be released in Pakistan. The HKC Entertainment has bought the rights to the movie and will not be releasing the movie in Pakistan.

The movie has been making waves since its release in Pakistan and all over this month, and it is being reported that it is the most frightening movies of the year; on Thursday, the movie actually scared a 65 year old male to death in India.

The man died while watching the horror movie with a friend and then his body and the friend’s body went missing.

It is reported by Daily Mail that the man started complaining about chest pain while watching the movie and later on fainted during a very scary movie scene.

Conjuring 2 - - Universal Affairs - Pakistan - Main die in India

The man was then taken to the Old Government Hospital where he was declared dead. The hospital staff then took the body to Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for post-mortem, reported but the body went missing.

Police is still on the lookout for identification of the deceased’s body.

We all hope the movie releases in Pakistan as people surely want to watch the movie after all the hype it has created.


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