Finally the scientists found that soul doesn’t die, it goes back to the universe. For reasons unknown the human brain could be like an “organic computer,” and that human awareness might resemble a program which is controlled by a quantum PC inside the mind. Even all the more surprising that after somebody passes on, “their spirit returns to the universe, and it doesn’t kick the bucket.”

Soul doesn’t die, it goes back to the universe – Found by Scientists, Dr. Stuart Hameroff

This is all as indicated by American physicist Dr. Stuart Hameroff and numerical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, both of whom contend that the spirit is kept up in small scale tubules of mind cells. The two researchers allude to this procedure as “Coordinated Objective Reduction,” or “Orch-OR.” Allegedly, when people are “clinically dead,” microtubules in the mind lose their quantum state yet are as yet ready to hold the data within them.

This hypothesis was as of late sketched out on The Science Channel’s continuous narrative show Through the Wormhole, in which Dr. Stuart Hameroff explains: “Suppose the heart quits pulsating, the blood quits streaming; the smaller scale tubules lose their quantum state. The quantum data inside the small scale tubules isn’t annihilated, it can’t be crushed, and it just disseminates and scatters to the universe on the loose.

In the event that the patient is revived, resuscitated, this quantum data can backpedal into the small scale tubules and the patient says ‘I had a close demise understanding.’ If they’re not restored, and the patient kicks the bucket, it’s conceivable that this quantum data can exist outside the body, maybe uncertainly, as a spirit.”

Dr. Stuart Hameroff’s words propose that human souls are substantially more than minor “connections” of neurons in the mind. Actually, this hypothesis demonstrates that these “souls” could have existed since the absolute starting point of time itself. Furthermore, with the majority of the current disclosures relating to dull vitality and dim issue—substances which people can’t see or collaborate with, however substances which we know exist, by the by—this hypothesis could wind up clarifying things that are much more secretive and intriguing.


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