“Pakistani Christians are faithful nationals”: Farrukh Saif, a Pakistani attorney repeats at UN


Pakistani Christians’ legal advisor Farrukh Saif Harrison has repeated that Christians are steadfast natives of Pakistan, yet they confront numerous issues in their country. Talking at the workplace of the United Nations in Geneva, on September 18, Monday Pakistani legal advisor point by point the predicament of Pakistani Christians.

Farrukh Saif was going to a gathering on “Oppression of Christian Minorities in Pakistan,” where he laid out the circumstance of Pakistani Christians. He said that he was advantaged to talk about the mistreatment of Pakistani Christians.

1st August, the Anniversary of Gojra Incident where Innocent Christians were burnt alive

An extract from Farrukh Saif’s discourse at the United Nations office is as underneath:

“The issue of the oppression of the religious minorities is not new to the International people group, in-reality Pakistan has been announced as one of the risky nations for the Religious Minorities by the US state division and other eminent research focuses of the world.

Before going further about the Religious Persecution in Pakistan, I might want to call attention to that Pakistan was never imagined as a nation for Muslims as it were. Mr. Jinnah, before the Independence of Pakistan expressed on fourteenth Nov 1946.

MISSION COMPOUND SUKKUR: Mob attacked on Christians leaving 10 injured and threatened to vacate

‘I am not battling for Muslims, trust me, when I request Pakistan.’

It is an unmistakable message by the Founder of Pakistan that he was neither working for Muslims nor imagined a hypothetical state. His point was to assemble a common separate nation for the religious minorities of India,” he kept up as he presented the possibility that Pakistan was initially intended to a nation for all.

Farrukh said that Christians have constantly bolstered Pakistan since its creation till date. “Pakistani Christians assumed key part in the creation and improvement of Pakistan and till day we are the most faithful subjects of Pakistan.” He included that in spite of this, Christians are confronting a few issues.

“The separation and abuse of Christians and different Religious minorities are established in the constitution of 1973, drafted by Zulifqar Ali Bhutto’s Government and endorsed by the parliament on tenth April 1973. Because of this new constitution all, the religious minorities were banished from any higher authority status the in government.”

Discussing the copying issue of the abuse of the obscenity law in Pakistan, he said “Since 1987 to 2017, so far 222 instances of Blasphemy laws have been enlisted against Christians. This law has been utilized to settle down the individual quarrel against the mistreated and abused Christian people group.

By utilizing Blasphemy law, numerous Christian Colonies and towns were determined to flame by the devotee Muslims. Shanti Nagar, Baminwala, Koriyan, Christian Colony Gojra and Badmi bahag are few of such places which were wrecked and stripped by the Muslim fundamentalists.”

Clarifying about the assaults on houses of worship, he said that “Radicals mentality began focusing on the places of worship and Christian occasions. on 22nd September 2013, a twin suicide bomb assault occurred at All Saints Church Peshawar in which 132 individuals lost their lives and more than 200 individuals were truly harmed.

Christian girl ABDUCTED in broad daylight by TWO masked Muslim Men

A Similar kind of assault occurred on fifteenth March 2015, at Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church amid the Sunday benefit at Youhanabad Lahore, in which no less than 21 individuals were killed and 48 were injured in the assaults. On 27th March 2016, on Easter Sunday, no less than 64 individuals were killed and more than 246 harmed in a suicide bombarding in Lahore.”

Farrukh Saif additionally informed the crowd about the current instance of a Christian understudy Sharoon Masih who was slaughtered by his colleague on the guise of drinking water from a similar glass which was utilized by rest of the understudies.

“Christian segregation and Persecution is on its buildup in Pakistan on 27th August 2017 when an adolescent Christian Boy Sharoon Masih, who was learning at MC Model Boys Government High School in the Punjab was pounded the life out of by his kindred school understudy for drinking the water from a similar glass utilized by Muslims understudies.”



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