US School Teacher Arrested after Student ‘Gets Her Pregnant’

Alexandria Vera - A middle school teacher in Texas faces sex abuse charges after allegedly admitting to getting pregnant by her 13-year-old student. -
Alexandria Vera, a middle schoolteacher in Houston, Texas arrested after student ‘gets her pregnant’.

Alexandria Vera, a middle school teacher in Houston, Texas (US) was arrested and charged with sexual abuse after she allegedly confessed to being pregnant with her 13-year-old student.

Alexandria Vera, 24, told an investigating officer she entered into a sexual relationship with her student in September last year when the boy was 13.

In Texas, having sex with anyone below the age of 17, unless there is less than a three-year age gap, is statutory rape.

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The middle school teacher confessed to her crime on Wednesday, and is currently held in Montgomery County Jail.

Describing her relationship, Vera claimed the boy’s parents were aware of the relationship and were quite ‘supportive’.

The student was initially rude towards her, but later began to flirt, despite constant requests to stop, she told investigating officer I J Gonzales.

According to the accused, on the first date, the couple only ‘drove around’ and kissed in the car. The next day, Vera went to his house when his parents weren’t home and had sex for the first time.

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After meeting his parents at an open house in October, Vera went to their house, where she was introduced as his girlfriend. She said the parents were “accepting of their relationship,” the court documents stated, and that she was invited to family events.

The two of them, she said, “had sex on almost a daily basis at her house.” She would then drive him to his house to catch the bus to school.

The two are in love, the teacher claimed.

The news of her pregnancy came out in January, about which she said the student’s family was “very supportive and excited”.

However, she had to get an abortion after Child Protective Services arrived at the school to conduct an inquiry.

During the investigation, the accused initially denied being in a relationship with the student, or being pregnant with his child, however, presented her cellphone for a digital search.

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Gonzales confirmed he found several messages between Vera and the student, which “were consistent with what she had disclosed”.

The student was also interviewed about the relationship, who confessed having sexual intercourse with Vera.

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