Taher Shah’s upcoming song “MERMAID” is Releasing on Christmas

Mermaid Taher Shah - www.uniaffairs.com
Taher Shah's next song is called "Mermaid" and he's releasing it on 25th December 2016

Taher Shah’s next song is called “Mermaid” and he’s releasing it on 25th December 2016, Christmas and Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday this year.  The news of his upcoming song spread like fire on social media.

It’s strange that Taher Shah gained popularity which is peerless, not only local Pakistani media but international media including Indian media is also putting light on his new release, Mermaid.

Taher’s ANGEL has taken the Internet by Storm

The news of his upcoming thrilling song was shared on a facebook page Metronome and it swiftly became viral within hours. Not to be sarcastic but this man “Taher Shah” has something unparalleled.

This post was shared promptly by every follower of this artist, it’s clear that Taher Shah’s unmatched popularity is a gift from everyone who listens to his songs and discusses it. Unknowingly, every Pakistani or Indian who discusses him is actually marketing unprecedented material.

Meanwhile Indian pages also shared this news, according to Metronome.

Taher’s song ANGEL goes viral, LYRICS

Twitter exploded after ‘news’ about Taher Shah’s new single.

Taher Shah singer whose first video number ‘Eye to Eye’ some three years back had received lots of appreciation. Simplest of lyrics and direction of video had every element to look at. It was instant hit on social media and then electronic media had to pick it up.



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