Violence flared up in Lasbela’s Hub range after police declined to hand over a Hindu man suspected of blasphemy

Violence flared up in Hub as police refuse to hand over a Hindu man suspected of blasphemy to angry mob
Angry mob gathered for protest to handover Prakash Kumar (A Hindu man suspected og Blasphemy on WhatsApp) .

Violence flared up in Lasbela district’s Hub range after police declined to hand over a Hindu man suspected of blasphemy to an angry mob, reported DawnNews, with local people falling back on pelting stones at police when their requests were not addressed.

Prakash Kumar, a neighborhood business owner, was suspected of sharing a photo containing supposedly blasphemous content on Whats App, Hub police authorities said.

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A First Information Report (FIR) was enrolled against the Hindu man Prakash Kumar on the complaint of different community members under Sections 295-An and 295-C of Pakistan’s lewdness law. The suspect was moved to Gaddani Central Jail.

The hours-long demonstration outside the Hub city police station turned out violent, with protesters pelting stones at the police, when law enforcement authorities declined the protesters’ demand that police hand over the Hindu man to the angry mob so they could regulate equity themselves and “rebuff” Prakash Kumar.

The Hub City police scattered the horde of angry protesters through tear gas shelling and airborne firing, and arrested 20 protesters.

Search operations were in progress to capture those associated with impelling the mob to brutality, police said.

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Center Circle Deputy Sub-Inspector Police Jan Mohammad Khosa and also Police Constable Mukhtiar Ahmed, and Additional Deputy Commissioner Tariq Javed Mengal were harmed in the viciousness, alongside an Edhi safeguard official and a youngster.

The youngster later surrendered to his wounds, as he had gotten shot injuries which turned fatal. The expired child is yet to be identified.

Shops claimed by individuals from the Hindu people group were closed down and all streets associating Sindh to Balochistan by means of Hub were shut for operations until further notice.

Blasphemy is viewed as an exceedingly touchy religious issue in the nation and it is not the first run through when allegations of blasphemy resulted into demonstrations of violence.

Half a month prior a vigilante mob lynched 23-year-old Mardan university student Mashal Khan over allegations of blasphemy. He was shot and tormented to death even within the sight of police while police high ups said that the LEA faculty show at the scene were not able control the monstrous swarm.

A couple of months back, a few bloggers were also blamed for profanation. Some of them were professedly seized and later discharged. After a shout on media, the Islamabad High Court paid heed to the issue and requested concerned specialists to cleanse web-based social networking and the web of godless content.

Taking after the Mashal Khan murder case, legislators and religious researchers alike over and again focused on that crowds can’t be permitted to act as a vigilante. They additionally attested that regardless of the possibility that somebody was blamed for blasphemy, police should be permitted to take after due process and the case should be chosen just in an official courtroom.


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